Nadeea is now availble for private and public events. Whether you need a Music Artist, DJ, Model or Actress. To make your special occasion or project that much more special, Nadeea is there to make it excting and fun!!! For more info, please visit the "Contact" page.

Daily Star calls Nadeea a Talented DJ and Model!!!

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Nadeea stands up for animal rights!!!

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Nadeea makes news as she performs a DJ set at EDC 2015!!!

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Nadeea's YouTube Protest Makes Headline News!!!

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Daily Star - Mar 17, 2015 "Sorry, Kim K – Nadeea Volianova is having a go at breaking the internet"

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Nadeea's F**k Me Daddy (Official Music Video)


Nadeea Volianova - F**k Me Daddy by Vydia

Nadeea is the next Brigitte Bardot!!!

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Nadeea Nude for Animal Rights. Media Goes Crazy!!!

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Nadeea and the Kardashian Car Story!

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Nadeea's "Desperately Seeking Billionaire" captures media hype again!!!

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Nadeea and Ray J.

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Nadeea's "I Hacked Sony" protest photo shoot was publicised by multiple media outlets.

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Quincy Jones loves Nadeea! Rodeo Drive Walk of Style honoring Iman and Missoni.

Nadeea heats up the red carpet at Gen Art Fresh Faces In Fashion. (See full set on WireImage)


Nadeea @ Box 8 Fashion

Nadeea @ the Genesis Awards

Nadeea @ the HBO Emmy Awards Afterparty

"NADEEA @ Maui Film Fest."

Nadeea Poses on the beach during the Maui Film Fest. June 18th 2011. (See full set)

"NADEEA at Grammys 2011 Feb. 13, 2011"

Nadeea Rocks the Red Carpet at Grammys 2011.

"NIGHT OF 100 STARS 2010!!!"

Nadeea at the Night of 100 Stars 2010 @ the Berverly Hills Hotel.


Nadeea's personal pics of the Grammys 2010 and Grammy After Party!!!
Nadeea, Kevin Rudolf, Jay Sean, LMFAO, Will I Am

"NADEEA Shocks the Red Carpet at the 52nd Grammy Awards"

Nadeea's pics appear in hundreds of publications worldwide!

Premiere of Musical "OMAN ... OH MAN".


Nadeea and Quincy Jones supporting Debbie Allens new musical "OMAN ... OH MAN".

"This is the real me, my new albums talks about my hollywood life without the sugar coating and the lying. It's rough, tough and painful to succeed in hollywood without playing by hollywood rules of kissing ass, deceit and lies full of false promises but I'm a fighter! I believe I am the one to make it happen!"